Levels of Commissioning: Level 0

Over the years we’ve identified a critical step missing in the commissioning process, we call this Level 0. This is a step that’s applicable to projects that include the development of existing Owners Project Requirements (OPR) completed by others and not the Cx Firm providing the design reviews.  Noting that an experienced Cx Firm that is involved earlier on and assisting with the development of the OPR can leverage their experience on behalf of the owner even earlier in the project life cycle.

The unique value and capabilities we bring to this part of the process is our deep understanding of what can cause systems to fail during testing or systems that do not operationally deliver on the required levels of redundancy/concurrent maintainability or fault tolerance.

With a focus on ensuring the Owners design intent is being met, we take an Operational approach to the reviews which enables our teams to identify Lurking Vulnerabilities in the design – helping to reduce issues that may arise and provide our clients the chance to clarify their design.

We will be publishing an article on our Level 0 offerings in the next few weeks. For a copy of the article complete the following form: