Enhanced Oversight

As an integral part of the Owners Team, we work to create a link between the Owner-Operator and the engineering and construction teams, helping to ensure the Owners Project Requirements and Design Intent are achieved through construction and commissioning.

Owners Representation Services

Our Owners Representation Services are a direct outgrowth from our successful efforts acting as Independent Commissioning Agents.  As the commissioning industry and project deliveries methods have evolved, so has the approach to commissioning and oversight by the owner, especially within the Federal Government space.

For owners, whose project delivery method may include having the Contractor hire a Commissioning Specialist, CCxE has proven success providing Commissioning Oversight (as the Commissioning Agent or CxA) directly for owners on projects.  These services may begin early in the project (like traditional Cx Services or LEED Enhanced Cx) or during the construction phase of the project.  Providing Cx Oversight for the owner involves reviews of the commissioning schedule, Level 4 Functional Performance Tests and Level 5 Integrated Systems Test reviews, Cx Plan Reviews, Load Bank Plan Reviews and on-site oversight of the Cx activities for Level 4 and Level 5.

Additional services include:

  • Factory Witness Testing
  • Construction Administration
  • Quality Control Audits
  • Peer Reviews for MEP design
  • Code Analysis
  • Subcontractor Change Order Analysis