Backup Power System Preparedness Checklist- Don’t Be Left In The Dark.

Backup power systems require regular maintenance so that they work properly when you really need them. We recommend having your power system serviced by a professional generator technician at regular intervals.All engines need periodic maintenance and generator engines are no exception.

During extended outages, a standby generator may run for days or even a month or more. It is important to service the generator according to the maintenance schedule. Standby units need service as often as every 200 hours, or about once a week. Keep supplies on hand for long outages.

In addition to regular service, the following 7 tips should help make sure your generator will be prepared in the event of a power outage:

1. Battery-Check that the battery charger is working properly, and battery life.

2. Load Bank Test-Periodically, run load bank test to make sure the generator handles the required load and to ensure exhaust system has proper particulate burn off.

3. Fuel-Check fuel level, and to make sure there is no contamination, water or sediments.

4. Filters-Check that air, fuel, and coolant filters are clean.

5. Fluids-Check all fluids regularly, both the fluid level and cleanliness.

6. Automatic Transfer Switch-Perform a periodic real world test of the power system by cutting the utility power source.

7. Coolant Heater-Be sure to check that the coolant heater is functioning properly.

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