Liquid Cooling is changing how data centers and other cooling-related mission critical facilities are managing heat. HVAC has been the standard of the past, but more and more mission critical facilities are choosing to build and convert to liquid cooling. Although this is becoming more popular, there are still many myths floating around about liquid cooling. CriticalCxE is here to put them to rest:


Myth: Liquid Cooling Is Expensive

Fact: Liquid Cooling can help data center build outs save up to 60% in building costs compared to HVAC cooled data centers and continually provide reduced costs.


Myth: It Isn’t Safe

Fact: Most liquid cooling systems use non-toxic minerals that do not conduct electricity, but a good conductor of heat.


Myth: It is A Headache to Operate

Fact: Most liquid cooling systems are operationally simple and provide easy access to server equipment.


Myth: Hardware Choices are Limited

Fact: Liquid Cooling supports almost all major OEMs.


Myth: Liquid Cooling is Only for High Density Facilities

Fact: Yes, liquid cooling was originally used in high density facilities, but immersion cooling is now being used in numerous other facilities as well.


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