Any project that involves commissioning is important, but the commissioning of a mission critical facility requires the highest level of scrutiny by engineers & commissioners. The commissioning of these types of facilities will affect how your operations continue into the future, including overhead costs and ROI. When it comes to mission critical facilities, even the smallest efficiency error can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. But what actually classifies as a mission critical facility?

What is Mission Critical?

This can be a bit of a blurred line for those not in the industry. In general, any project that involves a facility that deals with either operation, financial or secured data can be classified as a mission critical facility. Examples of facilities include:

  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Data Centers
  • Banks
  • Gaming Facilities
  • Call Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Communications Facilties

What Is The Difference in Standard Commissioning & Mission Critical Commissioning?

Great question! Due to the importance of these facilities and the need for zero downtime, the requirements for acceptable running conditions are the tightest in commissioning. Businesses are looking only for the most qualified engineers & specialists to complete these projects. Expectations are that mission critical commissioning agents will meticulously run tests and reports to ensure that nothing has been missed. Manuals and documentation must be more precise and easily understood in case of issues in the future. Agents are expected to provide intense and precise training to all required facility personnel and provide continuous training in the future.

Why CriticalCxE?

Built on the concept that the foundation needed to create a well-rounded Commissioning and Engineering company requires a diverse and unique set of professionals, CCxE has gone to great lengths to employ only the best Professional Engineers, technical experts and certified Commissioning Agents available that meet our high standards for integrity, experience and professionalism. Contact CriticalCxE today!

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