Over the lifetime of your mission critical facility, it is imperative that you implement a testing and balancing plan that assists your control systems in functioning at optimal performance, while reducing energy costs for your business. Efficiency is something that any facility should be concerned with and consistent testing and balancing can not only save your business thousands, but also reduce the need for replacement equipment. But what is testing & balancing and why is it so important to your business no matter the size of your mission critical facility?

Testing and Balancing is more commonly known as TAB for short. TAB focuses specifically on the HVAC systems of facilities and their performance. Each acronym stands for a portion of the process:

Testing: Testing focuses on running reports and functionality results for HVAC systems using instruments that test airflow performance within your facility and the load your system is being put through on a daily basis. This helps Commissioning Experts determine where your system is underperforming or if the system is on its way out and needs to be replaced.

Adjusting: Post testing, Commissioning Experts can adjust your HVAC system to perform at a better rate using the results. This usually includes automated systems, fan adjustments and other improvements to your system.

Balancing: This portion ensures that the proper amount of airflow is entering the Mission Critical facility post-adjustments and is running at optimal speeds. The Commissioning Experts will work to find the right balance by returning to the adjusting portion of TAB.

Now that you understand what the TAB process is, why is it so critical to your facility?

Reduce Facility Costs: The HVAC of your facility is likely one of the most important components to success, especially in a Mission Critical facility. Overheating racks and cabinets can lead to a catastrophic failure, costing your business massive funds. Even if your facility’s HVAC is running, it could be running too much which is basically throwing money out the window. This can reduce your operational costs and work to improve ROI.

Finds Facility Issues: If your facility’s HVAC is running optimally and still underperforming, TAB can help your designer or construction firm determine which areas of the facility are causing the issues and focus to improve those specific areas versus a redesign of the entire facility. This again reduces costs and improves the bottom line.

Want to learn more about the TAB HVAC Commissioning Process and how your Mission Critical facility can benefit from a Commissioning Report? Contact CriticalCxE today!

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